Climate Justice

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer leads the climate justice theme of the Griffith University Climate Action Beacon.

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She researches questions like:

  • What are the ethics of climate protest?
  • What becomes of the uninsurable?
  • Will Australia end up with ghost towns?
  • What kind of health risks will climate change bring?
  • What does urban climate justice look like?

Listen to her ABC Radio interview to find out more.

Sue is the founder of the Climate Justice Observatory –

Griffith University’s Climate Justice Observatory aims to deliver accessible data and analysis about climate change to empower impacted communities to make informed decisions and collaborate on climate solutions.

It was launched in 2022 and named a “top innovator” by the Word Economic Forum for its work to empower communities to take action on climate change.

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New Book! Climate Politics in Oceania
Until Australia demonstrates that it is serious about tackling the climate crisis, it will struggle to pursue strategic interests in the Pacific. Bringing together diverse Australian and Pacific Island voices and perspectives, Climate Politics in Oceania reflects on the shifting debates, and highlights the potential for Australia to engage constructively with regional partners to secure Oceania’s interests now and in the future. Canberra must embrace the opportunity while it still can.

Special Issue: Geographies of climate justice in Oceania

This special edition of the new Nature journal “Climate Action” brings together authors from the Oceania Region and is a curated collection of research papers which constitutes a ground-breaking interdisciplinary contribution. The Special Issue is motivated by the desire to ensure that climate action is fair, equitable and just globally, and contributes toward the broader sustainable development goals (especially Goal 13B), while also welcoming critique of those goals.

Editors – Dr George Carter; Prof Susan Harris Rimmer (Griffith University); Kirstie Petrou (Griffith University)